About us

Joint stock company „Vaigora“ was established as a shop of sporting goods in 1999. Eventually it has developed into a company engaging on various sporting equipment and assembling. In cooperation with partners, the company provides and produces sporting covers, tribunes, inventory and equips outside courts.

In 2005 the firm had been growing and there was established a new branch which is orientated to importing and processing of natural stone. From the natural stone we are producing and assembling tabletops, stair-steps. Moreover we are paving floors, making windowsills, bars, fireplace finishes.Furthermore our company polishes, burns, renews and impregnates natural stone surfaces.

We are also selling and building up cemetry inventory like monuments, fences... The company can offer raw material of natural stone even in stone slabs.

If You would like to have more information about prices, sporting inventory or to see exposition and assortment of our natural stones, visit us at: Daukšos st. 30, Kaunas, LT 44382